Seascape #806 [57°10ʹN 2°00ʹE] Franklin Field, central North Sea {22.07.16 @ 2:34am}


By Peter Iain Campbell

Website / Instagram @peteriaincampbell

Medium Format Film

Since August 2014, I have spent a fair bit of time travelling around the Scotsh sector of the North Sea. Seafarers often talk about the experience of being out at sea as something that over time gets into your blood... and it’s true. I’ve missed it a lot over this last year and I guess that even although my home is firmly rooted on land, the North Sea has felt like a place I’ve longed to escape to, particularly during Lockdown.

Specifications: Print size: 20cm x 16cm / 100% Cotton Studio Fine Art Paper / Edition of 10

For Ellie // all proceeds to Epilepsy Scotland, thank you.

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