Looking Out To Sea, Looking Out To See, 2020


By Hannah Bailey

Website whatmakesagoodphoto.com / Instagram @NeonStash


Growing up in Newhaven, it always felt industrial, grey and dirty to me. But staring out at the Firth of Forth over lockdown, I let nature illuminate what it had to offer. The boats stopped to allow the water to make its own patterns, the planes no longer flew over the sky so the clouds could form naturally, sunsets could create neon landscapes, and lots of people were walking around the waterfront, staring out to sea. I began to notice, and be obsessed by the fact, that each day the water and environment was ever-changing - its colour, patterns, speed and every single particle involved in its movement and view. A different perspective each day roaming close to home.

Specifications: Print size: 21cm x 14cm / 100% Cotton Studio Fine Art Paper / Edition of 10

For Ellie // all proceeds to Epilepsy Scotland, thank you.

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