Analogbook 135


Analogbooks are designed for photographers, artists, and students.  While shooting, processing, and printing, each notebook helps you accurately record relevant photographic data, learn from and refine your process, and achieve the best results with every shot. 

For rolls of 35mm film

Custom Layout: each notebook records 15 rolls of film.

Sustainably Produced: robust cover made with Neenah Environment 100# cover paper (270 gsm) / Text made with Neenah Environment 24# writing paper (90 gsm)

Reference Material: interior covers feature valuable photographic tips, charts, and tables.

Integrated Grey Card: the back cover of each notebook doubles as an 18% reflectance grey card, helping you achieve accurate light meter readings.

A Little Extra: several extra blank pages for additional notes.

Archive Ready: each film format notebook slides neatly into 4×5 archival negative sleeves.

Perfect Size: film format notebooks are ideal for carrying in a pocket or camera bag. The Darkroom notebooks are double the size.

64 numbered pages

Size: 3.8 in x 5.5 in (96 mm x 140 mm)

Weight: 1.5 oz  (42.5 g)


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