A photo of thick trees in a wood
On Monday 23rd March 2020 the UK and Scottish governments announced full national lockdowns. Overnight all our places of physical social interaction closed down.

We found ourselves at home

No Place Like is our attempt to reflect and present individual responses from the Canister community to this forced period of isolation. Submissions are now open.


Images shot on film between 24/03/20 to 25/06/20
35mm / 120 / Large Format / Instant / Alternative Process
Images shot in and around your home while following local restrictions

How to submit

Send your scans to zine@canistercamerclub.com
Max 6 images per submission
One submission per person please
Individual shots or series
Jpegs only for now
Include captions, camera and film type if you wish and/or short statements on your series
Include your web address or Insta
We may share submissions on social prior to publication

What is the Canister community?

Canister events have always been free and open to all