Land of my Father by Ellie Hopkins

Ellie Hopkins

Glasgow-based photographer Ellie Hopkins presented Land of my Father, a highly personal project that explores Ellie's Welsh heritage as she attempts to reconnect with family members in South Wales. Ellie is currently a photography tutor at the University of Stirling and working on her PhD exploring the proliferation of photography in the Valleys. Read our interview with Ellie here.



Mare Liberum - Freedom of the Seas by Keith Lloyd Davenport

Keith Lloyd Davenport

Emerging Scottish documentary photographer Keith Lloyd Davenport presented Mare Liberum - Freedom of the Seas. Keith recently completed the prestigious MA in Documentary Photography at University of South Wales, Newport and has since been attracting interest and acclaim for his project Mare Liberum - Freedom of the Seas which examines the fishing industry in the north east of Scotland while exploring the lines between art, documentary and portrait photography.



From Tunnel Mountain #2 by Karen L Vaughan

Karen L Vaughan

Fresh from her group show Ambit: Photographies from Scotland at Stills Gallery, visual artists Karen L Vaughan presented Film Stopped and discussed her current work, techniques and plans for the future of her practice. Karen has been using plastic film cameras to investigate geographical and socioeconomic landscapes, capturing the effects of declining industries and associated historical and political environments. Deliberately double exposing the film in the camera, manipulating it so that images run into and over each other, the outcomes often produce accidental meetings and chance poetic relationships. 


In Between by Kendal Fewster

Kendal Fewster

Edinburgh-based emerging documentary photographer Kendal Fewster graduated in 2017 with a First Class BA Honours in Photography from Napier where she was a proud member of the Napier Photo Collective. Since graduating Kendal has been attracting attention online and in print for her project In Between shot entirely on 5x4 large format film. Read our interview with Kendal here.


Glasgow Cafe by Stu Edwards

Stu Edwards

Stuart Edwards is a Royal Television Society award winning filmmaker. In 2014 Stuart graduated from the Scottish Screen Academy, Edinburgh College of Art with an MFA in Documentary Film Directing. Stu presented his black and white photographic project Barras Market, documenting the fading fortunes of an iconic Glasgow institution.


Street photography by Ciara Campbell

Ciara Campbell

Originally from Dublin, art school graduate and amateur photographer Ciara Campbell was inspired to pick up a camera after moving to Glasgow. A self-confessed street photography addict, Ciara "shows the beauty in the mundane day to day, without asking permission and snatching a fraction of life as it is. "


Terra Incognita by James Wright

James Wright

Glasgow-based James Wright "makes photographs of things he finds funny… or serious… or interesting for a reason that is far too hard to describe." As a Canister regular from the start James previewed his ongoing project Terra Incognita. Shot from the same intentionally anonymous locations over four seasons, Terra Incognita is "a work in progress. It is studying the passage of time in a wilderness landscape." This is slow, thoughtful photography created in a harsh landscape in often cruel conditions, camping out for days with only a small stash of whisky and 120 film.


Horse by Bo Williams

Bo Williams

Young American photographer Bo Williams is a self-declared camera nerd and film fanatic. Hailing from rural Pennsylvania, Bo is now resident in the capital, blogging about his experiences and perfectly capturing the contemporary analogue aesthetic on his Instagram feed. 


James The Lord by Bill Pickle

Bill Pickle

Bill Pickle is a builder and repairer of guitars, and a dedicated street photographer. In the three short years that Bill has been making photographs he's shot thousands of frames on the streets of Glasgow, made many friends along the way, accumulated many cameras, managed to fix most of them and taught himself how to home develop in a cupboard via various slow-cooked alternative processes. And his real name's not even Bill.